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Craig Pope’s 20 years of knowledge and award winning mortgage adviser service is all you need by your side to reach your property goals.

What We Do

Making dreams a reality

We help everyday people reach their property and financial goals.

Getting to know you and helping you every step of the way through life’s financial challenges with expert mortgage broking, advice and money planning.

Who We Are

About Craig Pope Financial

Craig Pope, owner of Craig Pope Financial, Kapiti’s bespoke mortgage broker company loves nothing more than to help people achieve their dreams, whether that means buying a first home, securing a mortgage with a low deposit, achieving financial independence or setting themselves up for a comfortable retirement.



The financial advice we give you is focused on allowing you to enjoy your life, while also planning for your future.

We don’t want you to give up every little treat and strip your life of all its flavour and goodness; the goal is to help you achieve balance, to live your life in the present while also maximising your resources to achieve your dreams down the track.

First Home

Our goal is to see first time home buyers happy and stress free in their first very own home. If this is your dream, too, please get in touch with our expert home loan brokers and let’s see how we can make it happen!

Next Home

We’ll look at all the factors with you and talk you through which option suits your situation best, from mortgage top-ups to bridging loans, then take you through the process step by step.


That might mean a mortgage loan refinance or a change of bank, and could result in you getting cash back, receiving better rates, or releasing equity.

Investment Property

When it comes to investment property finance options, we’ll help steer you in the right direction around interest deductibility for interest-only payments, using an accountant to get the right set up, and paying down debt to build equity faster.

Money Planning

We look at your finances and manage them for you holistically, using our experience and expertise to do what you don’t have time to do yourself amidst all the busyness of everyday life.

Mortgage Planning

Our experienced mortgage advisors take a closer look at your circumstances and tailor a plan to suit you. The right mortgage structure is not a one size fits all scenario.

It doesn’t matter what your dreams are, whether you dream of buying your first home or want to travel the world, to set up an animal sanctuary or own an island somewhere in the Mediterranean; most dreams are achievable with the right money management at the right time.

Having someone walk beside you and help you manage your money takes the stress and confusion out of achieving your goals.

We Can Help You

At Craig Pope Financial, this is what we do best.

Our money planning service is unique to us, and it’s a service we’re proud to provide. Over our many years in finance, we’ve seen that most people lack a financial ‘wingman’ in their lives, someone who can offer them the support they need to make the right financial decisions to make their dreams happen.

This is where we come in. We delve deeper into your finances with you and help you plan for the future in a way that’s achievable and makes sense for your life and your dreams. We help you budget and invest, plan an emergency fund, get on top of your retirement needs, streamline your insurances and your mortgage, and more.

If it’s part of your finances, we’ll help you sort it and get the most out of every hard-earned dollar.

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Craig Pope Financial is based in Kapiti Coast and helps clients all over the Wellington Region.

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